Acts Worth Seeing at Edinburgh Festival 2012: Part 1

Posted: June 27, 2012 in Events & Festivals

Sometimes I actually write in my travel blog. It’s not a regular thing, granted. I just thought I’d take some time out of my busy schedule to plan my trip to Edinburgh Festival. Here’s my pick of the acts.

1. Nina Conti

The world’s greatest ventriloquist. If you need convincing of this she’s just finished two great documentaries for Auntie Beeb – check them out. I wonder if Monk will make an appearance now Nina’s got all these other puppets, would be a shame if he doesn’t.

2. Frisky and Mannish

Pop music educators. And I’ve got a pop music degree, so I find these guys doubly hilarious. Top musical comedy – they’re doing two shows this year as well, one entitled Extra Curricular Activities, which I guess will follow the School of Pop thing they do so well, and one called 27 Club, which will explore the freaky phenomenon that is pop stars croaking at 27. That’s my age btw. Meep.

3. Loretta Maine

More musical comedy for y’all, this time from a shiny happy popstrel named Loretta Maine. OK she’s not that shiny or happy. Well she might be sometimes, her show’s called Bipolar, so you never know. It’s mostly pretty dark though. Hysterically dark. My favourite one of her tunes is the one about murdering the Sony record exec and being sorry she doesn’t sound like Lily Allen, or that girl who sounds like Lily Allen, or the girl who sounds like that girl who… yeah. Loretta’s alter-ego Pippa Evans can also be found at…

4. Showstopper: The Improvised Musical

This was bloody amazing last year. It’s always sold out, it’s always completely different, and it’s always bonkers. It’s also entirely self explanatory. Loads of musical comedy there, I do like other stuff honest… stay tuned for part 2 of the blog.



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