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As I haven’t written in my travel blog for over a year (for shame!) I decided it was about time I did something a bit geeky and a bit travel-ly. Was sitting with a colleague and a client the other day, they were talking about all the places they’ve been. “Ooooh blah blah blah Vietnam, what a place”… “yadda yadda Tibet” “jeeb jeeb don’t you know Rhodes is classed as a country by the Century Club because it used to be a kingdom”… “yeah believe it or not, Barbados is actually shit”. And other such things.

Well it got me seething, THINKING. It got me thinking. I’ve been virtually nowhere. That’s down to a chronic lack of funds, of course. Then I remembered, I live in a cracking little country that I’m still yet to see loads of. And I do love Britain – I shall make it my mission to explore every last scrap of it, starting with the islands.

Did you know there are 6,289 islands in the British Isles? Cripes. I may have bitten off more than I can chew. I don’t think you can get to them all actually. I’ll try for those nearest me and then see how we go. First up this weekend – Hilbre Island! I’ll let you know how I get on.